Morro Bay is worth working for.

The spectacular natural setting of Morro Bay makes it absolutely unique. It's part of why we love to live here. Now, we have some work to do to keep it this way and still meet the challenges ahead. Together we can get it done.


Hi, everyone.  Thanks to so many of you, I have won election to the Morro Bay City Council. Along with my friends Jamie Irons and Red Davis, plus Matt and John who are already serving, we have a strong group to work for Morro Bay. We are going to get some things done!

I'm keeping this website up for now, but it still states my views and beliefs about policy and the future of the City. I will modify it from time to time as issues or circumstances change.

I believe that civil discourse among well-informed citizens leads to the best solutions to our issues, and I will work to make sure our citizens know the facts. I have always been a team-builder and a team player, but I will never sacrifice reasoned, fact-based public policy for short term convenience.

I welcome your ideas, even when they are new to me. I will work to make these conversations about public business easier to have, and more frequent. We have many issues where a respectful but robust public discussion has to happen.  A couple examples include:

  • The General Plan Update, and other long-term planning processes.
  • Completing the Water Reclamation Facility.
  • The intersection at Hwy 41 and North Main Street.
  • Changes in the Downtown/Embarcadero connection, including the Harbor and working waterfront.

I know we have great people in this community--I have worked with many of you on lots of different civic projects.  And I know we can solve the problems ahead of us and still keep the unique character of Morro Bay.  That's what I'm working for.

Thanks, Marlys

Support for Marlys

“Marlys is a dedicated, community-oriented volunteer who has proven herself to be a thoughtful, thorough, and hard-working leader.  I am confident she will be an excellent City Councilmember.”

Noah Smukler

City Councilmember

"As a board member of the Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival I have seen the organizational and analytical skills Marlys has used to develop the festival into one of the premier nature festivals in California, bringing more than 500 people to Morro Bay and contributing to the local economy."

Norma Wightman

Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival Board

“As a member of the Morro Bay Citizens Finance Advisory Committee (CFAC), Marlys demonstrates a strong commitment to citizen involvement in financial decisions, user-friendly budget reporting, and a willingness to listen. Marlys’ selfless volunteer work exemplifies her leadership, integrity and thoughtfulness. She will use these qualities to guide our community and actively promote citizen engagement in local government.”

Barbara Spagnola

Chair, Citizens Finance Advisory Committee

“As a civic leader, Marlys has proven herself to be inclusive, collaborative, focused, community-minded and smart.  As a member of the City Council, Marlys will use those leadership skills to make honest, balanced, well-researched and reasonable decisions on behalf of the entire community.”

Christine Johnson

City Councilmember

“Marlys McPherson would be an excellent Council Member for Morro Bay. She deeply cares about the direction of Morro Bay. As current Chair of PWAB she has an integral working knowledge of the City and will steer it in the right direction on the important issues that confront us.”  

Bill Luffee

Chair, Harbor Advisory Board


Meet Marlys

Marlys McPherson has been a civic leader in Morro Bay since moving here in 2003. Her energy and follow-through make every organization she joins better.

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We have both long and short term issues to work on.

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